Find the fish!

Paris, Tennessee is home of the “World’s Biggest Fish Fry” and Paris now has a school of 15 Catfish statues to prove it. Pick up a map at the Chamber of Commerce and have a great time “fishing” for these beautiful pieces of art that are located throughout our community!


Within the last twenty years the City has led the way by revitalizing the physical infrastructure – replacing aged sidewalks and curbs with handicap accessible, brick accented walkways with plantings, period lighting, and removing unsightly overhead lines. Many of the buildings around the court square provide a mix of retail and offices at ground level…

Vibrant Downtown

The Paris community has long recognized the importance of maintaining a vital and vibrant downtown. Accordingly, an informal coalition of City and County governments, property owners, life-long downtown advocates and merchants have dedicated time and resources toward that goal.

Unique Shopping

If you are in the mood for some unique shopping, you will want to head to downtown Paris for one of West Tennessee’s most gorgeous downtown squares. In the mid-1990s, the downtown area underwent major renovations to bring the square back to its original 1920s-era style. This was certainly accomplished as now the downtown area…